Large Wave Pendulum Acrylic Kit

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- Hypnotic wave pedulum is NOT a Newton's Cradle (!?!)

- Unassembled kit lets you experience first-hand the physics at work

- Includes activator bar


A Steady Hand is the Difference between Harmony and Total Chaos

The unique Pendulum Wave DIY Kit makes for an eye-catching desk-top display that simulates phases, beats, and frequencies. And no, it’s NOT a Newton’s Cradle. Instead of the balls colliding, you use an included initiator stick to activate the pendulum laterally. When released, the pendulums will swing back and forth to quickly form a wave pattern and then cycle through hypnotically different phases.


Features a stand with nine 7/8" (22mm) steel ball pendulums and comes with an initiator stick, which helps to simultaneously release all pendulums Great for a classroom, as a gift, or for display. Unassembled with and acrylic stand, you'll hang and adjust the pendulums swings. Comes with a Teacher's Guide that explains the physics involved.

Visit the DOCUMENTS tab (above) to view the included educational guide.

* Note: Although may look like one, this is NOT a Newton's Cradle. The balls are hung on an angle so they swing parallel to eah other. They are not intended for collisions.

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