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Khet 2.0 Deflection Laser Game

Khet 2.0 Deflection Laser Game

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- Imagine playing a game of chess combined with aspects of billiards but using a laser instead of a cue stick !?!

- Designed for two players ages 9+

- Includes required batteries.

Strategy at the Speed of Light - 2.0

Combine classic strategy with the physics of lasers and optics to master this game of skill.

Egyptian-themed pieces with one, two, or no mirrored surfaces move about the game board in any number of directions, including rotation by 1/4 twists. Each turn ends by firing a laser beam built into the board which bounces from mirror to mirror on a series of pieces.

When the beam finally lands on a non-mirrored surface, that piece is removed from play. In maneuvering each piece, the aim is to illuminate your opponent's pharaoh and eliminate them from the game, while shielding your own pharaoh from harm.

This newly updated version has eliminates the outside walls and sports an elegantly re-desgned board perfect for display. The laser now fires from a brand new Sphinx piece that sits in the corner of the board.

Designed for two players ages nine and up, the game comes with required batteries.


How it works:

Just like in pool or billiards, light bounces off at the same angle it hits a mirrored surface. If light hits a surface at a 45 degree angle, it will bounce off at a 45 degree angle. In science terms, the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence.

Khet takes advantage of this principal by positioning all its mirrored surfaces at 45 degree angles relative to the board. Since the light hits at a 45 degree angle, it will then bounce off at a 45 degree angle making the total angle of reflection 90 degrees, or one quarter turn. Now, whenever the beam hits a mirrored surface at any point on the board it will always take a quarter turn in the direction the mirror was aimed and continue on a straight path in the row it was reflected.


Does Khet contain actual Lasers?
Yes, the game employs two class II lasers which are lower in power than most laser pointers on the market, which are usually class III. This means that although you still get the neat effect of firing a laser to bombard your opponent's pieces, you will not get the wow effect of seeing it melt or blow holes through the playing field.

Can you actually see the path of the laser beam when you play?
While the lasers are bright enough to see where they hit even in full daylight, the beam itself is not visible on the playing field. However, with the addition of fog or smoke of any kind the beam can be made visible.

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