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K-DRON Game & Chess

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- Re-thinking of chess pieces utilizing unique geometric form 'K-Dron' - Multiple activities include use in an inter-active web game - Be sure to also check out the K-Dron Universe 'Globe' (item# 3153230)

A Geometric Re-Thinking of Chess

Looking for a game to challenge your mind flexibility while exercising strategic thinking and 3-D imagination? Welcome to K-DRON, a remarkably compact yet complex structure that will test your patience, precision, and intelligence. With K-DRON, you'll be able to challenge yourself at 16 different applications of varying skill levels, including a radical new version of chess. You'll even be able to use the K-DRON blocks in an interactive web game with over 38,0000 possibilities.

K-Chess Game:

When the original chess game was invented thousands of years ago it reflected the social structure at that time. The K-Dron Chess Game reflects the social structure of our society now, which is very mobile. One may be born a peasant and end up becoming a CEO of a large company. The rulers, no longer kings, are elected and no position is guaranteed for life. In K-Dron Chess, all the figures start off as pawns and get transformed into knights, bishops, or rooks any time during the game. There are only 5 pieces involved per player, but the strategies, as in life, differ with every move. Chess board not included.

More about the K-DRON spatial form:

K-DRON is both a remarkably simple and complex structure. Its basic form has a square base, 11 multifaceted sides and a diamond-shaped face with a 45 degree angle of inclination. Viewed from above, it is a square within a square. The surface structure is both symmetrical and asymmetrical, concave and convex.

Because of the opposite but complementary nature of its structure, two basic K-DRONs placed on top of each other form a cube. Its structure is intrinsically related to the symmetry of such common forms as the cube, pyramid, octahedron.

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