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• Color changing LEDs never burn out • Unlimited Kaleidoscopic effects • Kaleidoscope fun facts included with kit

An Illuminated, Gravity-Generated Kaleidoscope

See an explosion of colorful visual images right before your eyes with the most unusual kaleidoscope you will ever look into.

The Kaleidoscopic comes with three liquid color chambers – different colored clear plastic tubes. Shaped like a microscope, the Kaleidoscopic viewer allows you to look into each tube to see cool color effects.

With a non-slip rubber grip, you can use Kaleidoscopic in your hand, or simply attach to its base.

Optical illusions and optics can be taught using this great visual tool. No light is needed as Kaleidoscopic has its own built-in lighting system. Batteries included.

Product dimensions:
Kaleidoscope: apx. 7”
Tubes: apx. 5.5” each

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