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Ion Thinking Putty

Ion Thinking Putty (Click image to enlarge)

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Ion Thinking Putty

- Great toy to ease tension
- Perfect desk or silly office toy
- Makes an awesome birthday or holidy gift

Thinking Putty is a crazy, non-toxic substance that you can stretch, bounce, shape, tear, and shatter! The Thinking Putty can help to reduce your stress and you'll have fun doing it. It's a lot more useful than doodling because your hands get a workout as well!

The Ion Thinking Putty is milky white in daylight but watch the glow magically appear when the lights dim! It's translucent so the glow appears to come from deep within! Use the Blacklight Keychain (#30970-06) to write messages on the putty and draw special designs.

You'll swear you can see the electrons buzzing around-generating this icy blue glow. An extraterrestial turquoise glows all night long. Dim the lights, zone out, and enjoy a soothing, hypnotic experience. After exposure to light (the brighter, the better) the putty will glow for hours! You can make your own shadow photographs or tear it in the darkness and watch it spark!

For Ages 3+.

SKU 3097002

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