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The HypnoCube - Assembled!

Item #3152588


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• Simple usage – just plug into the wall

• Multiple buttons for user selectable control

• Color, timing, symmetry and transition randomization

• Measures 7'' x 5'' x 5'' assembled

Visual LED Extravaganza in 4096 colors!

Seeing is believing with this incredible LED light show in a cube. The HypnoCube is composed of 64 tri-color LEDs arranged in a cubical lattice. It runs up to 64 three color channel LEDs for a total of 192 individually addressable LEDs, with 16 color levels per color channel. Incredibly then, this RGB cube has 4096 colors!


Simple to use, just plug in the cube and amaze onlookers with an alternating, unpredictable cubic light show. With random paths, variable speed, 51 basic effects, and over 10 transition effects, you will never see the same show twice.

The cube uses a custom fixed-point 3-D engine for image generation, along with numerous hand crafted sprites and animations.

Cube runs on PIC18F4620, which has 64K ROM, 3.8K RAM, at 32MHZ (8 MIPS).

Measures 5" x 5" x 6" on a 1" base. Made of plexi-glass. AC powered only. Cord included.


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