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Hydroponic Fly Traps

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• Plants grow faster and bigger hydroponically! • Kit contains everything you need! • Little maintenance!

All the Fun of Flytraps Without the Soil!

This kit comes with everything you need to grow your own meat-eating plants in just water, a cool type of science called hydroponics.

Just plant a seed in the included rock wool, which replaces soil, acting as both a moisture-capturing growing medium and root stabilizer. Use the hand-operated hydro-pump to aerate the roots of your plants for maximum nutrient absorption.

Flytraps sprout in only three weeks!

In addition, this kit teaches you how to take root cuttings and clone plants.

Kit contains everything you need to get started: plastic greenhouse, hydroponic rack and pump, rock-wool net pots, plant food nutrients, seeds and instructions. Ages 12 & up.

Product dimensions: 8” diameter x 7” high

SKU 3152565

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