NASA Spacecraft Laser Cubes - Series 1

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Apollo Moon Lander Cube (item# 3155259)
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Hubble Space Telescope Cube (item# 3155260)
$59.95 $49.93
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- Exclusive to Scientifics

- Images created from the actual NASA blueprints

- Laser-etched, ghost-like 3D imagery within 60 mm glass cubes

- Lighted LED base sold separately

- Order the set of 3 NASA Spacecraft - Series 1 (item# 3155321) and get 1 lighted LED Base for FREE!

Subsurface Laser 3D Imagery of Authentic NASA Spacecraft in Glass

Using high-frequency lasers driven by hand-tooled software, each optically clear glass cube boasts a highly-detailed rendering of an iconic American spacecraft. The engineering designs of the spacecraft laser-etched within these cubes are taken directly from the authentic NASA 3D blueprints. Best viewed against a dark backdrop, we highly recommend the separate purchase of the lighted base (with 4 built-in LEDs) for optimal display. Each beveled glass cube measures 2 3/8” (60mm).

Available in 3 different designs:

  1. Apollo Moon Lander Laser Cube


  1. Hubble Space Telescope Laser Cube


  1. Voyager Laser Cube


  1. LED Lighted Base (AC powered)


  1. All 3 Cubes PLUS One (1) LED Lighted Base

#3155321…..SALE $179…..reg. $199.80

The Science behind the Art:

The 3D images are made of tiny fractures created by lasers: the beam shines into the glass without damaging it except at one focal point, where enough heat is created to crack the glass. These microfractures are about .1mm long, and they're pin-shaped rather than round, which you can see as you turn the glass pieces: the designs are sharper and dimmer in one axis, brighter and fuzzier in the other two. To draw many points the beam is pulsed on and off, and repositioned by moving a CNC mirror. These designs use a few hundred thousand points.

These true collector's items are created by Bathsheba Grossman - an internationally renowned artist, who uses laser beams to create works of art. Click HERE  to check out Bathsheba's masterwork The MILKY WAY GALAXY STAR CRYSTAL.


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Age Range Adults
Price Range $25-$50

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