Hover:bit 2.0
with 1 Micro:bit

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  • Make your own hovercraft
  • Easy to assemble, rebuild and repair
  • 1 Micro:bit included for easy coding to guide the hovercraft'soperation
  • Control your hovercraft right from your smartphone

Build, Code & Drift Your Own Hovercraft

Assemble a hovercraft that drifts effortlessly at up to 18 miles per hour! With a recycled, birch plywood frame, and cardboard base and rudder, the Hover:bit is easy to assemble, rebuild and repair. Change the design and make the craft function the way you want by changing the code. This kit includes one (1) Micro:bit controller for super easy coding by Block, JavaScript and Python software. Use either your smartphone (with the free downloadable app on iOS or Android) to control the hovercraft or use a second Micro:bit (not included).Once assembled measures approximately 10.5" x 5.9" x 3.74".

The 3.7V 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery powers 4 drone motors and 3 servos with an integrated USB charger.

Change the design and make the craft function the way you want by changing the code. This way we experience the connection between the digital and the physical.

This kit includes:

  • 1 MakeKit Multi:bit board
  • 1 Hover:bit main frame (plywood)
  • 8 Wooden spacers (plywood)
  • 1 Top rudder holder (plywood)
  • 1 Bottom rudder holder (plywood)
  • 1 Engine holder (plywood)
  • 1 Wooden wedge (plywood)
  • 90 Deg holders (plywood)
  • 1 Cardboard box cut out for raft and rudder
  • 2+2 Propellers (2 spares)
  • 1 MakeKit Lithium (LiPo) battery
  • 1 Servo w/servo horn
  • 2 Nylon screw m3x12 (countersunk)
  • 2 Nylon screw m3x8
  • 5 Nylon screw m3x12
  • 4 Nylon screw m3x20mm
  • 15 Nuts
  • 5 Copper barrel nuts
  • 2 Large rubber rings
  • 2 Small rubber rings
  • 1 Plastic bag (air pocket)

About Micro:bits:

A micro:bit enables you to do an amazing variety of functions while introducing you to the connection between hardware and software. These pocket-sized computers allow you to control, manipulate and code on different platforms to take control of this futuristic device.

This kit comes with 1 micro:bit for you to code and explore, allowing you to get started immediately! You may be able to code another micro:bit to serve as a controller. If you already have an extra micro:bit, you’ll just need to reprogram it, or you can purchase one elsewhere. Note: we do not sell individual micro:bits.

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