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Hover Crafts Helicopter

Hover Crafts Helicopter (Click image to enlarge)

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Hover Crafts Helicopter

The goal at WitCrafts is to combine innovative designs with fine craftsmanship to produce novelty items that are both inspiring art and witty entertainment.

WitCrafts constantly searches for clever and humorous concepts which they turn into exquisite works. Everything is made by hand out of mahogany wood.

The Hover Crafts woodcarved helicopter utilizes the scientific principals of magnetic levitation and electricity to create counter-intuitive and magical modes of motion. Each piece is exquisitely carved and meticulously tuned. Makes an interesting and intriguing conversation piece.

There are several lines, each with a unique theme suitable for home decoration or general amusement. A typical design involves a horizontal shaft free floating in mid-air from magnetic levitation and a rod attached to the end of the shaft which swings or rotates perpetually

SKU 3082111

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