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Horizontal Hand Boiler

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A ‘Handy’ Way to Demonstrate Thermodynamics in Action!

The heat of your hand on one bulb causes the air in the hand boiler to expand, forcing the liquid into the other bulb making it appear to boil! Glass construction with two side by side bulbs connected by a straight tube.  Be sure to check out our classic-style HAND BOLIER (item# 3052382).

Hand boilers demonstrate Charles’s Law and vapor-liquid equilibrium. The colored liquid in the boiler is comprised of a volatile mixture of liquids (Methylene Chloride) that have a boiling point just above room temperature. The body heat from your hand causes the liquid to boil, which in turn makes the liquid evaporate, turning it to gas. The expanding gas pushes the liquid upwards and when you release your hand, equilibrium is re-established. The gas condenses into a liquid again and flows back into the lower bulb.

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