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Hooked Weight Set 10G To 1000G

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Weight, Hooked, 10G to 1000G

Lathe-turned for maximum precision, this set of nine brass hook weights (10g to 1,000g) provide accurate results. Comes with plastic storage box.

Product Details:

  • All Ohaus masses equal to or greater than 1 g are constructed of brass and are adjusted to the standards of the International Organization for Legal Metrology (OLM) M2 tolerance.
  • Each mass is either one piece or drilled and then sealed, making the masses tamperproof.
  • Fractional masses (i.e. those less than 1 g) are adjusted to the standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Class C.
  • Fractional weights of less than 200 mg are aluminum; all other fractional masses are stainless steel.
  • Each set is fitted in an attractive storage box, and sets with fractional masses include forceps for easy handling
  • Convenient hook attachment area on bottom of each weight

One hooked weight is included in the set at the following weights:

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