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Magnet - Edmund Heavy Duty

Magnet - Edmund Heavy Duty (Click image to enlarge)

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Magnet 200 Lb Pull Coated Heavy Duty

• Lifts over 200 Pounds

• Large Gripping Surface- 3.25" Square

Our exclusive heavy-duty magnet has myriad uses! Go treasure hunting on the bottom of a bay, river, lake or ocean. Your treasure haul might be anchors, fishing tackle - all kinds of ferrous metal valuables.

Many industrial and maintenance uses - pick up nails, scrap metal, nuts and bolts from driveways, parking lots, garages and workshops; retrieve tools from dip and coolant tanks; group several on rods for conveyor belt sweeping and more. Oil well drillers even use them to retrieve broken drill heads!

Has 6 strong ceramic magnets stacked for strength with steel pole pieces, an aluminum frame and bar handle for easy carrying, and large 3¼" square gripping surface.

Bright orange 1/8" thick PVC coating (easily spotted underwater) is heat-fused to protect the magnet from corrosion by chemicals, acids, alkalis, plating solutions and some organic solvents. Won't chip. peel or harden.

Given their especially powerful properties, please handle these magnets with extreme care to avoid personal injury.


SKU 3071135

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