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Growth And Reproduction Of Cells

Growth And Reproduction Of Cells

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- Slide, Set/10, Growth & Reproduction of Cells

- Hand-Prepared University-Grade Microscope Slides

Growth And Reproduction Of Cells

1. Mitotic (division) stages in red bone marrow
2. Meiotic (maturation) stages in testis
3. Sea-urchin, cleavage stages of egg cells
4. Growing egg and yolk cells in ovary
5. Plant mitosis, onion root tips with mitosis in side view
6. Pin polar view
7. Growing tissue in stem apex of Asparagus
8. Growing leaf tissue in shoot apex of spruce
9. Plant meiosis, young Lilium anthers, meiotic divisions
10. Mature pollen grains of Lilium.

Includes an illustrated pamphlet with details for each specimen and instructions for working with prepared microscope slides.

LIEDER prepared microscope slides of highest quality are made in laboratories in Ludwigswburg, Germany under rigorous scientific controls. They are the product of 50 years experience combined with the most up to date techniques.

The prerequisite for excellent preparations is excellent material, well preserved and fixed so that the finer structures are retained in as life-like away as possible. Microtome sections are cut from this material by our highly skilled and experienced staff. They are of a thickness which will finally result in slides from which the maximum resolution of the structural components can be obtained.

Particular attention is paid to the staining technique and in each case the selected method for a particular specimen will ensure the best possible differentiation combined with clear definition and permanency of staining.

LIEDER prepared microscope slides are delivered on best glasses with fine ground edges of the size 26 x 76 mm (1'’ x 3'’).

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