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Glowing Putty, Gels & Slime Kit

Glowing Putty, Gels & Slime Kit (Click image to enlarge)

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- Keep 'em curious with this entertaining slime making kit

- Super cool way to keep the kids entertained while learning

For ages 10+ with adult supervision

Conjure 15 Slimy Experiments

Explore states of matter, the chemistry behind gels, polymers and phosphorescence. Make glow-in-the-dark gel, a substance that flows and stretches, breaks and bounces, eco-foam fizzle and more! This chemistry kit contains borax solution, phosphorescence zinc sulfide, guar gum, white glue, cups, stirrers, plastic bags, eco-foam and an instruction booklet. Non-toxic and safe when used as directed.

For ages 10+ with adult supervision.

SKU 3153273

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