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Girder And Panel Tekton Tower Building Set

Girder And Panel Tekton Tower Building Set (Click image to enlarge)

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- Originally introduced in the 1950's,

- Perfect construction set for inspiring the young engineers and architects of today.

- Set includes 250 pieces

New Applications of Classic Contruction Kit!

Originally introduced in the 1950's, this classic construction set has been adapted to inspire the young engineers and architects of today. Brilliant blue plastic pieces and easy to follow instructions allow children to build skyscrapers, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and more. 

The sets includes plastic columns and beams which are interlocked together to create the basic outside frame, just like real buildings are built using iron beams and columns. Then, thin plastic panels are added to the outside of the frame, creating solid walls, windows and doors on the frame. The building is completed with roof panels, decorative flags and signs.

Because the parts are scaled to the common HO scale (1/87), many accessories such as cars, trucks, trees, and trains can be added to your model city

Originally introduced by Kenner Products, there is an entire generation of engineers and architects who have many fond memories of playing with this set as children. Sixty years later, we are proud to be able to bring this inspirational toy back to market!

Set includes 250 pieces, building plans for three different structures, and a plastic carrying tote with handle.

Appropriate for beginning and intermediate builders. Recommended for ages 6.

SKU 3081214

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