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Get Slimed

Item #3155466

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  • 8oz (240mL) Clear PVA solution (Slime Goo)
  • 10g (0.35oz) Borax powder (Slime Activator)
  • 4oz (120mL) Clear sodium alginate (Worm Goo)
  • 10g (0.35oz) Calcium chloride (Worm Activator)
  • Plastic Worm Squirter
  • 12 Fizzing color tablets (FCT)
  • 5g (0.17oz) Clear Spheres
  • 4 Slime collection polybags (4”x4”)
  • 2g (0.0702) Mylar glitter confetti
  • 1 Shaker cup with lid
  • Instructions

The Amazing Science line of products has been designed to peak kids curiosity for the world around them.  These kits encourage kids to wonder, discover and explore in a way that will get the science to the dinner table.  Our goal is to teach kids how to be amazing as they show their friends and family what they’ve learned.  Real Science…Real Learning!

One of the gooiest kits we’ve imagined.  Get ready to mix up a perfect batch of Slime and then stir in your favorite additive from styro-beads to glitter to your heart’s content.  Or create the most disgusting slime concoction to surprise your friends and family.  Then, use the Worm Squirter to make up a batch of multi-colored, slimy Worms!

Activity List:

  1. Setting Up Your Slime Factory
  2. Mixing a Batch of Basic Slime
  3. Stretching the Science Facts
  4. Clean-Up
  5. Lumpy Slime
  6. Sparkling Pixie Slime
  7. Full Spectrum Slime
  8. Your Own Patented Slime
  9. Making Worm Activator
  10. Make Your First Worm
  11. Worm Eggs
  12. Rainbow Worms

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