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Gallop Scanimation Lamp

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- Rotating lamp animates characters on 6 panels as it spins

- Watch as a horse, cat, butterfly and more optically come to life

- Power adapter included

The Stuff that Dreams are Made of...

As the GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp slowly turns, you will see softly-glowing images of animals magically come to life! The penguin waddles, the dolphin leaps out of the water and splashes back in, the hummingbird beats its wings while dipping its beak into a flower, and more. This compact, motorized lamp is the perfect tabletop conversation piece and the ideal bedside lamp. It’s mesmerizing for both kids and adults!




Each of the six differently colored glowing sides- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple- is slotted to receive a Scanimation animal panel. Choose any six from the nine different included animal panels and drop them into the slots. You can rearrange them in your favorite order, flip them around or change them out with any of the remaining panels.

Power adapter included.



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