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Galileo Combo Station - Cherry

Galileo Combo Station - Cherry (Click image to enlarge)

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-Includes thermometer, clock, barometer, and hygrometer.
-Watch battery included for clock (one button cell battery model AG13)
-12" high

A Classy & Accurate Way to Measure Weather

This executive weather combo station smartly combines a Galileo thermometer, clock, barometer and hygrometer in a classic cherry wood frame. An ideal piece for any home or office, this desktop 'work horse' is powered simply by an included watch battery and measures 12" high.

The Galilean thermometer works due to the principle of buoyancy, a force exerted by a fluid that opposes an object's weight. As the temperature of the air outside the thermometer changes, the temperature of the water surrounding the bubbles also changes. When the temperature of the water changes, it either expands or contracts, changing its density.

Each bubble also differs slightly in density from the other bubbles. The bubble that sinks the most indicates the approximate current temperature. Named for “The father of modern observational astronomy,” Galileo Galilei, an Italian physicist and astronomer responsible for many astronomical advancements. The liquid inside the thermometer is actually a mixture of water and paraffin oil.

SKU 3152776

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