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Foldable Mini Spectrometer

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- DIY kit scans liquids, gases or light sources

- Includes a DVD (used as a diffraction grating

- Requires use of Smartphone (not included)

Turn Your Smartphone or Webcam into a Spectrometer

The foldable paper mini-spectrometer folds up in minutes to transform your smartphone into a compact, simple, yet powerful experimental tool -- a visible/near-infrared spectrometer, also known as a spectroscope or spectrophotometer.

This kit comes laser-cut from thick, light-blocking black card stock and includes a DVD (used as a diffraction grating), along with complete instructions for assembly, attachment to your phone or webcam, and calibration to take and share accurate spectra through open source software. Just add glue or tape! You can take an image through your spectrometer and upload it (Android or iOS 6+).

What is spectrometry?

What we perceive as a single color consists of multiple blended colors- just as green paint can be made from mixing yellow and blue paint. A spectrometer is a device that splits light into the various colors it is composed of, which we otherwise cannot distinguish with the naked eye. By viewing a substance through a spectrometer, one can distinguish the exact mixture of colors, which correspond to specific wavelengths of light. These can be compared to other spectra to help identify the sample.


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