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Fischertechnik Robo Pro Software For Windows

Fischertechnik Robo Pro Software For Windows

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Fischertechnik ROBO Pro Software for Windows

Easy to Understand Program Operation

ROBO Pro Software is a new graphic programmer's application for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP that is required for activating the ROBO Interface and the ROBO I/O Extension. ROBO Pro provides all the key elements of a modern programming language, such as arrays, functions, recursions, objects, asynchronous events and quasi-parallel processing, making it a useful tool even for professional programmers.

Programs are translated directly into machine language for efficient execution of even the most complex programs. With ROBO Pro, it's easy to write teach-in programs or exchange data with other Windows software. The language is also easy for beginners to use, thanks to proven flowchart programming consisting of various software modules.

Data can be interchanged between software modules and subroutines using not only variables but also graphical connections. Subroutines are stored in a library and can be used without having to understand the internal workings in the subroutine. Beginners will find it easy to grasp even complex programs. In Online mode, it is possible to control multiple ROBO Pro interfaces in parallel--for large-scale robot models--and to make custom control panels which include switches, controllers and display elements.

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