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Experimental Fuel Cell Car Science Kit

Experimental Fuel Cell Car Science Kit

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World's best entry-level fuel cell car kit • Demonstrates electrolysis of water into oxygen and hydrogen • Includes solar panel to power electrolysis process • Includes experiment guide on CD, as well complete manual • Easy to build & operate, steers independently when meeting obstacles Just add water (and 2 AA batteries)

Customized Fuel Cell Construction Kit

Experience the excitement of new fuel cell technology with this customized construction kit. In building this car, you will discover the possibility of using 100% clean fuel to power cars of the future.

Once assembled, the car can steer itself independently and will reverse itself when it hits a barrier. A fully functioning vehicle, the car in this kit demonstrates the power of renewable energy on a small, user-friendly scale.

A manual includes step-by-step instructions for simple assembly. All major car components are included - a fuel cell, a car chassis, a small electric motor, two water and gas storage containers, cables, tubes, a syringe, and more.

All you need to add is water and two AA batteries.

For ages 12+

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