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Electrihedron Challenge

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- Includes 8 plastic links that combine in a myriad of possibilities

- Combine multiple sets for increased complexity

- Great for 'tinkerers' and 'fidgiters'

Dissymmetry-based  Puzzle for 'Fidgiters'

The Electrihedron is a geometric challenge composed of 8 colorful plastic links that fit together in six dimensions. Composed of 2 basic links that lock together to form circuits with space filling properties, the Electrihedron will intrigue you with its many possibilities. The multi-colored links have a hole at one end and a bar at the other end that snap into the triangular hole in multiple ways to produce 6 directions. Puzzle instructions are included but we are certain you'll find yourself addictively playing with these curious forms to create your own designs. We recommend combining multiple sets to ratchet up its complexity even further.

For ages 14+.

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