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Lichtenberg Figures - Edge Dendritic

Lichtenberg Figures - Edge Dendritic (Click image to enlarge)

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Marvel at the beauty of contained lightning in a scientific sculpture.

 Marvel at the beauty of contained lightning in a scientific sculpture!

The detail of intricate branches and the natural beauty of fractals are displayed in wondrous creations created by powerful particle accelerators and an electron beam of 3Ð5 million electron volts.

These Lichtenberg Figures are fern-like branching patterns permanently captured within crystal clear acrylic plastic.

Each is uniquely created by carefully trapping and discharging multi-million volt regions of electrical charge inside acrylic. The complex, permanent figures are created when the trapped charge suddenly escapes in a brief, lightning-like discharge, leaving behind permanent 'fossilized' tree-like branching chains of microscopic fractures.

Displayed on LED light boxes, sold separately, the sculptures reflect light like microscopic mirrors, highlighting the awesome aesthetic of dielectric physics. The pictured lighted base for the Vertical Dendritic and Edge Dendritic is item # 30850-68. The Cylindrical figure is pictured with lighted base #30850-69.

Lichtenberg one of a kind creations are available in three different sizes, so you can choose the one best suited for your home or office display!

Edge Dendritic measures 4" x 4" x 3/4"

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Watch the demonstration here as to how these acrylic displays were created-

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