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Compass All

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- Multi-purpose device serves as compass, sundial, rough sextant, puzzle and game - Measures 5" x 3" - Laser cut from wood

Compass, Sundial, Sextant, Brain Teaser, Game and Top - All-in-One!

Precision designed and laser-cut, this is one incredible device with a multitude of functions. Because of the fixed compass at its center, Compass-All functions as an accurate sundial or even a rough sextant to get star altitudes when used in conjunction with a Star and Planet Locator (item#3009227). Able to spin on its axis like a top, the device includes instructions not only for its use as a sequential move puzzle but also as the basis for two different games. A perfect gift for the person who thinks they have everything or anyone who craves intellectual inspiration.

Attached hook allows for hanging Compass-All on display.

Measures 5" x 3".

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