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Cis Solar Panel

Cis Solar Panel (Click image to enlarge)

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The latest photovoltaic technology available is captured in miniature panels. Rugged and easy to use, these panels are completely protected by a waterproof plastic encapsulation.

On the back are a pair of tinned copper ribbons, which can be easily connected to your inventions with solder or jumper leads. Panels can be connected in series or parallel for more voltage or current.

Unlike amorphous silicon panels, these CIS solar panels do not exhibit output degradation due to exposure to light. Their maximum structure becomes permanently stabilized and functions at maximum efficiency. 5 VDC.

Open circuit voltage is 5 volts DC

Short circuit current is 95 mA

Max power output is 3.9V 64 mA. (.25 watts) at standard sun test conditions (100 mW per square cm)

Dimensions: 60x60x2 mm


SKU 3085037

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