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Chasing Fireflies

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Chasing Fireflies Game


  • Similar to a classic egg hunt, you’ll hide the included plastic ‘fireflies’ for the kids to seek
  • 2 sets of 5 battery operated colored Fireflies and 2 plastic mason jars
  • Works in day or night
  • Batteries included

The Fireflies Shine and You Seek

Remember the lazy days of summer, Gramma’s house, a mason jar, and a yard filled with fireflies? Well, this game brings you and your children back to the outdoors chasing fireflies again!

Game rules: Hide these plastic creatures either indoors or outside. Each firefly will periodically flash a brilliant blue or green light, temporarily giving away its location. Kids split into groups, running around trying to collect their assigned color. The first child to find all 5 fireflies and capture them in the included plastic jar is the winner. Works in day or night!

Game includes 10 battery operated light up fireflies, 2 sets of colors - green and blue. Also included are 2 plastic mason jars with lids for capturing and game instructions. Suitable for indoor play as well.

Batteries included. For ages 3+. 

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Age Range 3 And Up

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