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Brew It Yourself Cave Man Cola

Brew It Yourself Cave Man Cola

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Create Your Own Fizzy-Lifting Drinks!

Cook up a lip-smacking soda with this B.I.Y (brew-it-yourself) kit . The all natural ingredients provided include cola extract, yeast, a funnel, labels, and instructions for brewing your prehistoric beverage. The tools are upgraded from hollowed out acorn shells to recycled pop bottles, but the resulting taste is all cavemen cool. Makes about 1 gallon of soda. You'll need to add 2 cups of sugar (preferably 1 cup cane sugar and 1 cup dark brown) plus 2 plastic soda bottles with original screw caps (either two 2-liter bottles or four 1 liter bottles). Made in the USA.

For ages 8+ with adult supervision.


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