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Birds Of Prey Song Cards

Birds Of Prey Song Cards (Click image to enlarge)

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Birds of Prey Song Cards

Used with our Birdsong Identiflyer (31227-00), this collection of three SongCard sets helps you become more familiar with the songs made by birds of prey. The Raptors One card set features the loud screeches of the barn owl, the whinny of the screech owl and other owl vocalizations. The Raptors Two card set covers the accipiters, long- and short-winged hawks that are agile in pursuing small birds through bushes and trees; and the buteos, high-flying, soaring, gliding birds with broad wings. The Raptors Three card set includes 4 falcons, the osprey, 2 eagles, 2 kites and the condor. There are XX cards in all.

SKU 3039424

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