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Basic Optical Bench

Basic Optical Bench

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Explore the Properties of Optics

Our optical bench is specifically designed for optics demonstrations and basic experimentation.  Includes light source, 1- 10cm concave lens, 1- 20cm convex lens, 1- 30cm plano-convex lens, 1- 10cm plano-concave lens, white screen, plastic grounded screen, candle holder, 5- riders, LED lamp, 2 -side legs, 1 –lens holder, and  slit holder fitted with 1 cut slit.

This is a product intended for the educational market. Step-by-step Instructions are not included. For consumers requiring instruction and application of this unit, we highly suggest the purchasing of the classic Scientifics 192 page book "Popular Optics" (item# 3009445). This book is a guide for a great variety of optical experiments, many of which can be performed with this optical bench unit.


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