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AttrAction Magnet Game

AttrAction Magnet Game (Click image to enlarge)

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- Includes 25 polished magnets

- For 2-5 players ages 14+

Resistance is, well...the Attraction of this Magnet Game

The reactive interplay between magnets is what makes the AttrAction game so irresistible! All you will need is a large playing surface such as a a card table or bar top and you are ready to play. Strategies unfold and develop in reaction to the patterns laid out on the table. You'll need a mix of luck and skill to manipulate the strong forces that these magnets generate. Exciting due to its many unexpected twists, AttrAction comes with 25 magnets, rules, and a black drawstring bag. For 2-5 players, you can also add multiple sets together for bigger groups and larger surfaces.

For ages 14+. 

SKU 3153314

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