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ATR: All Terrain Robot Kit

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- Easy, but involved, assembly

- 3 amazing variations- Forklift, Rover, and Gripper

- Controller to command the robot's direction

Robotics Engineering Kit that Combines Science, Math – and FUN!

Give your budding engineer the opportunity to put theory into practice. Your All Terrain Robot Kit can be built and re-built into 3 amazing, distinct variations.

The forklift has the ability to lift up to 100 g in weight. In rover mode, the ATR’s tank-like treads roll over any type of surface. The gripper’s strong arms grab, pull and lift objects up to 100g.

Using the remote wired controller, have it move forward, backward, turn, grip and lift, and you’ve got a minion to clean your room. Build an army and terrorize the neighbor’s cat.

For ages 13+.

Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

Forklift Dimensions: 7.4" x 6.3" x 5.77"
Rover Dimensions: 9" x 6.25" x 3.8"
Gripper Dimensions: 9.6" x 8.48" x 3.9"

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SKU 3152437

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