Artificial Intelligence Puppy

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Smart Dog (3157812)

  • Remote or hand controlled
  • Performs stunts at the push of a button
  • USB rechargeable

Command and Play with the Smartest Puppy Ever!

Pet this artificially intelligent robot dog on its head and watch as it barks, performs tricks, and even obeys over 12 commands! Connect a smart device via bluetooth and watch as your puppy dances to music. Even feed and water your pup through the smartphone app. With three modes of command (voice, touch sensors, or app) your dog will roll over, play dead, detect intruders, or do stunts, just like a real pup! Includes USB charger. Measures 13"x 8"x 8.5". For ages 6+.

Includes: AI Puppy, USB charging cable and instruction manual.

NOTE: This item ships in discreet and minimalistic packaging that reduces the environmental impact and is perfect for gift-giving


  • LED eyes that change with each action
  • Infrared sensor to detect "intruders"
  • Hip touch area to command the dog to sit and wag its tail
  • Microphone to allow the dog to bark and make other noises 
  • Micro-USB charging point
  • Voice control training mode
  • Bluetooth connects compatible smartphone device 
  • Dances along with your music 
  • Performs over 12 commands

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (abbreviated as AI) is the term for computer systems or machines that think and learn like humans do. An AI can solve certain problems automatically, and, because it has the power of discernment, should be able to perform specific tasks. Many developments and innovations were necessary to make artificial intelligence what it is today.

Note: Use the AI Puppy on a flat surface as it is very active. Low power will be displayed through the dog's eyes. The AI Puppy contains a non-removable, rechargeable lithium-ion 500 mAh battery. 

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