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Articulated Human Skeleton Model

Articulated Human Skeleton Model (Click image to enlarge)

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- Fantastic closeout value

- Measures 62” Tall, 25 Pounds

- Fully articulated on a mounted wheeled base


SAA Skeleton (Scary, Accurate, Affordable) Full Human Skeleton

The life-size model of a human skeleton provides an incredibly high amount of realism, articulation, and detail for students examining the human skeleton.  Pinned joints allow for the demonstration of limb movements to showcase how the skeletal system interacts during motion. The skeleton is made of a fibrous material, finished in natural colors, and mounted onto a solid stand to allow for decades of student use. 

62” Tall, 25 Pounds, fully articulated on a mounted wheeled base.

*Please note: the included instructions state that this product includes a "colorful anatomical chart". This chart however is not included and is not available.

SKU 3153470

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