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Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation

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- Exceptionally fun magnetic activity kit

-Great for science fairs or a rainy-day activity

Defy Gravity and Learn about Magnetic Levitation Technology

So you already know that magnetic levitation is powerful enough to suspend trains without touching the track- but you just can’t do that in your kitchen or office. You’d like to have some fun with magnets by doing some really cool ‘hands-on’ experiments -  well then this is the kit for you. Kit includes materials to float a pencil, levitate a screw, build a random propelling machine and build a mag-lev robot. The instruction book features projects of increasing difficulty to demonstrate magnetic principles.

Contents: 1 graphic template (1 compass,1 Earth, 1 spaceman), 1 thin rod with ring, 1 hexagonal rod, 1 round rod, 1 sticker, 1 UFO body, 1 string, 1 pointer, 1 copper washer, 10 nut, 7 ring magnet, 1 enclosure, 1 divider, 1 weighing pan, 1 string attachment, 1 axle, 1 support arm, 1 baseplate and detailed instructions. Required adhesive tape is not included

For ages 8+.


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