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Amazing Weather Ball

Amazing Weather Ball

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  • Created of Hand-Blown Glass
  • Indicates Weather Conditions
  • Decorative and Functional

Made From Hand-Blown Glass

The earliest barometers were simple glass bulbs with a spout that helped ancient seaman predict storms. Water moving up the spout means low pressure with potentially stormy conditions, while high pressure pushes the water down to the bottom of the spout.

This style of barometer is just as effective today, and provides a decorative method for predicting weather via changes in air pressure.

How does it work?

The WeatherBall quickly indicates any variation in atmospheric pressure. The air trapped by the liquid maintains a steady pressure. When high pressure and good weather are approaching, the liquid is pushed down the spout. When low pressure and bad weather invade your region greater pressure trapped inside the WeatherBall causes the liquid in the spout to rise. If the liquid spills out the top, race to the celler or higher ground!

Who invented the WeatherBall?

Renaissance scientists discovered that weather was influenced by variation in atmospheric pressure. Torricelli (1608-1647) devised the first barometer, proving that air pressure was subject to change. It is believed that Goethe, the famous German playwrite, developed this simple but effective barometer using the principle established by Torricelli. 

Instructions for the proper filling  of the weather ball with distilled water are included. Food coloring of your choice (not included) may be also added. 
Size: 7.5"h.

Distilled water and food coloring NOT included.

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