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Airzooka - Black (item# 3060466)
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  • Shoots a vortex of air over 20 feet that can muss hair and ruffle papers
  • Lightweight and safe
  • No ammo, batteries or electricity required

Launch a Safe, Harmless "Air Assault" from 20 Feet Away

Airzooka is a hand held fun gun that fires a ball of air with enough power to mess up a persons hair, ruffle their shirt or scatter papers and other objects.
Using the Airzooka, you can send blasts of air over 20 feet. By pulling back the membrane and releasing - a shock wave of air is sent hurtling at your target. You'll enjoy blowing away anybody that gets on the wrong end of your Airzooka. And because it shoots air, you never run out of ammo!

Since the Airzooka works with an elasticated air launcher, there is no need for batteries or electricity. Simply pull back and release the launcher like a catapult, firing the ball of air out of the air gun. The Airzooka can be assembled in seconds. Color: Black (item# 3060466) or Blue (item# 3156806).

For ages 5+.

The Airzooka actually demonstrates a scientific principle. Although it may not be obvious, air occupies space. When the plastic membrane of the Megazooka is released, the volume decreases and pressure increases. The increase in pressure forces some of the air out of the hole in the front of the gun. The velocity at which the air leaves the Megazooka is inversely proportional to the diameter of the hole; the smaller the hole the greater the velocity of the air. This is similar to the phenomenon when you pinch a garden hose to increase the velocity of the water coming out the end.

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Age Range 5 And Up
Price Range $10-$25

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