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Air Terminators RC

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- Engage in air warfare via IR technology

- Shields physically disengage from helicopter when copter takes a direct hit

- Pack includes 2 Air Terminator helicopters Air Terminators with remotes

A Direct Hit Creates Visible ‘Damage’ as Parts Fly Off Copters

This 2-player set enables combatants to engage in air-to-air combat with IR technology. Direct hits will disable your opponent as actual (replaceable) parts will be blown off right the helicopter! Each copter is equipped with twin exploding deflector shields. Includes customizable shields and 7.2 V rechargeable batteries. Includes two helicopters & two controllers. Frequency: 2.4 GHZCT. Requires 8 AA batteries (not included). For ages 14+.    


- First ever real life damage simulation in RC helicopters with blast off armor plating and customizable battle stickers

- 5 direct IR hits will detonate your opponent's armor and disable it

- Includes laser fire force sheild and rapid fire blaster

- Built in talking & sound effects



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