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Advanced Optics Kit

Item #3153315


- 39 piece kit for conducting 20 optics experiments

- Instructions delivered via email only after purchase. No print copy available. Download file is a comprehensive 81 page manual

- High quality optics kit complete with organizational container

- Requires 12VDC, 2amp power supply (not included)


Classroom Quality Optics Experimentation Kit

Our Advanced Optics Kit contains materials and devices to perform 20 basic geometrical optics experiments. Stored in a plastic tray with foam insert and transparent lid, this 39 piece kit includes a comprehensive 81 page student’s manual with descriptions, illustrations and didactic questions for all 20 experiments. Major components are made of high quality plastic. - Instructions delivered via email only after purchase. No print copy available. Download file is a comprehensive 81 page manual.

Topics covered : Diffraction, Angle of Reflection Using a Plane Mirror, Refraction of Different Shaped Prisms, Refraction (Snell’s Law), Index of Refraction, Dispersion of Light (Rainbows), Dispersion of Infrared Light, Mixing Colors, Blocking Colors in a Prism Using Filters, Study of Concave Mirrors, Study of Convex Mirrors, Study of Convex Lenses (Ray Diagrams), Study of Concave Lenses (Ray Diagrams), Finding the Focal Point of an Unknown Lens, Magnifying Glasses, How the Eye Works, How Glasses Work in Farsighted Vision, How Glasses Work in Nearsighted Vision, How a Movie Projector Works, and Projecting Fire.

*Please note: this product requires a 12V DC, 2amp power supply - such as item# 3155295 (not included).

Included Components:

Name of Part
Optics Bench 1
Adjustable Optic Bench Feet 2
Sliding Optics Component Holders 5
Slides (red, green and blue filters, a pin hole, a larger pin hole and a picture of a city, an arrow) 1 each
Lamp stand with lamp and adjustable lens 1
Connecting Leads 500mm 2
9 cm square plane mirror 1
9 cm square clear plastic plate 1
Circular table with built in protractor (optics table) 1
Plastic refracting blocks (rectangle, semicircle, right triangle, concave and convex lens) 1 each
Equilateral Prism (25 x 25 mm) 1
Black square stand 1
Voltive candle 1
Small wooden post 1
Plastic cup 1
Plane holder (metal with 2 clips) 1
Slide with single slit 1
Slide with 5 slits 1
Adjustable concave and convex mirror in metal holder 1
Semi-circular dish 1
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Subject Light Optics
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