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Adjustable Green Laser Pointer Black Finish

Adjustable Green Laser Pointer Black Finish

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Adjustable Green Laser Pointer

Incorporates the latest technology in green laser optics and microelectronics so it is Brilliantly Bright!

Powered by a Sony diode with a lifetime of 3000-5000 hours, the Adjustable Green Laser Pointer projects a green dot up to an incredible 2 miles away. It is so powerful that the beam itself can be seen for several hundred feet in darkness.

The laser's adjustable feature allows you to adjust the focus of the laser pointer to get the ideal beam for the distance you are projecting. Just turn the gold colored ring on the front of the pointer. At short distances, a few feet or less, you can project a remarkably sharp and bright beam.

This top quality green pointer makes an immediate impact. Presenters using green lasers are immediately perceived as ahead of the pack in both style and technology. Housed in a solid metal case, the Adjustable Green Laser Pointer is a great choice for those who want the very best and latest in laser pointer technology.

Wavelength is 532 nm; pulse duration is >3.8 x 10 -4; radiant power is <5mW; maximum radiant energy per pulse is <50 u JOUL.

This Adjustable Green Laser Pointer features a stylish black body with gold pocket clip. Shipped in metal storage snap-case with two AAA batteries.

Requires 2 AAA batteries.

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