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6-12 Vdc Motor/Lead Screw

6-12 Vdc Motor/Lead Screw (Click image to enlarge)

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Removed from new equipment, these components feature a unique assembly that’s intriguing for hobbyists to study and use. The motor consists of a 9 ¼” x 6” metal platform with a Buehler 6-12VDC gear motor with encoder attached to a metal bracket. The shaft of the gear motor has a 120mm long screw assembly with plastic anti-backlash friction nut attached to it; and the top of the plastic anti-backlash friction nut is a bracket that moves forward to reverse linearly depending on the polarity of the voltage applied to the DC motor.

The motor also features an attached encoder with an input requirement of 5V and an output signal that is TTL compatible with 50 pulses per revolution. Screw lead is 4.3mm (travel per revolution). Size: 120mm L x 9.5mm dia.

SKU 3151883

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