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3D Home/Home Planner/Architect Kit Bundle

3D Home/Home Planner/Architect Kit Bundle

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Be Your Own Designer!

Have you always wanted to design a home? Are you planning on building an addition or doing renovations any time soon? Are you at the very beginning or your illustrious architectural career?

Architects and engineers use perspective drawing to help design and visualize their projects. The "Architect's Drawing Kit" shows you how perspective drawing is used to sketch realistic looking interior and exterior house designs.

Design your own home decorating, remodeling and building projects with 700 precut, 1/4" scale, reusable pell-and-stick furniture and architectural symbols for every room in the house!

Bundle Includes:

  • 3-D Home Kit - (#3082016) is a model of a home or remodeling project up to 6,200 square feet! Building materials include siding, roofing, over 200 windows and doors, brick, stone, interior walls, stairs, kitchen cabinets, appliances, bath fixtures and much more.
  • Home Quick Planner, Peel-N-Stick (4 sheets) - (#3030985) includes a 5,600 square-foot floor plan grid sheet and step-by-step instructions and design details. Includes everything you need-from tables, chairs, couches, beds, desks and pianos to every standard kitchen cabinet and appliance, an extensive assortment of bathroom fixtures, windows, doors, walls, lights, outlets, switches, and much more!
  • Architect's Drawing Kit - (#3155660) comes with twelve perspective drawing charts and tracing paper, as well as instructions and sample illustrations.

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