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3-D Drawing Pad

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- See your drawings in three glorious dimensions

- Unlock the potential of your doodles!

Why Imprison your Imagination within the Surly Dungeon of Two Bland Dimensions?

This packaged kit includes a stylish set of red and green 3D specs and a 50-sheet notebook of drawing paper. Each page of the drawing pad includes a stereographic background that, when viewed through the 3D glasses, makes your drawings appear to float above the page! Impress friends and family alike with your 21st century artistic genius and your use of “stereographic” in a sentence. The available version differs slightly from the image in our current catalog in that the glasses are no longer red/blue and the back drop features ovals not lines.

Do not draw in blue or red, black works best
Vary your viewing distance
Make sure the room is well lit.

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