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2000 Matchitecture Microbeams

2000 Matchitecture Microbeams (Click image to enlarge)

Item Number: 3153268

Price: $21.95

- 2000 Microbeams for the imaginative as there are no instructions included

Matchitecture Kits are built with wood sticks called Microbeams (not actual matches), which you cut, stuck and join. This is a collection of 2000 Microbeams perfect for those modelers creative enough to design their own models. 

Matchbuilding is an absorbing hobby that helps develop patience and attention to detail. Those new to this pastime should begin with smaller kits to develop the skills necessary before tackling the most intricate designs. Glue, modeler’s knife, sand paper and a precision paint brush are required tools that you provide (not included). Patience is key with matchstick modeling as you will be completing models in sections that will require drying time throughout the assembly process. The largest designs can literally take weeks or months to complete. If you are looking for a satisfying hobby that rewards you for being precise and persistent, matchstick modeling should make for a rewarding diversion.

SKU 3153268

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