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Waterproof 12V Solar Panel

Waterproof 12V Solar Panel (Click image to enlarge)

Item Number: 3039805

Price: $39.95

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Solar Panel, Waterproof, 12V/50mA (7"x6.5"x1")

Encapsulated solar panel is weather-resistant for outdoor use, provides output to power the appropriate 12V electronics or to recharge a small battery. Includes 6 ft. lead wire with alligator clips; removable angle adjustable legs.

  • Built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse flow of electricity
  • Maintenance-free solar power for years of use
  • Stand and wire with clips are provided for charging batteries
  • Ideal for use in marine and other outdoor activities
  • For 6V or 12V battery recharge
  • Power: 1.26W, 18V and 60mA
  • Size: 3 1/2" (159mm) X 3" (175mm ) X 3/4" (17mm)
  • Lightweight at 13 oz. (0.365kg)

SKU 3039805

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