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Medical Science Kits

  1. Genes in a Bottle Kit

    Genes in a Bottle Kit



    An Edmund Scientifics EXCLUSIVE

    - Isolate and see your own DNA !

    - 7 activities and educational instructions

    - Includes 2 DNA keepsakes

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  2. Bio-Rad DNA Model Kit

    Bio-Rad DNA Model Kit


    - Soft foam material is twistable

    - Large DNA model is 2 feet tall and 6 inches wide

    - It’s a puzzle, it’s a game, and they’re learning

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  • The Candy Caper  – A Crime Scene Detective Kit
  • - Solve a forensic mystery story
  • - Perform real-life forensic, chemistry, and biotechnology experiments
  • - Five 9V Batteries and Candy (M&Ms™ regular or peanut) not included.
  • - For ages 14+
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  • Articulated Human Skeleton Model

    Articulated Human Skeleton Model

    Regular Price: $499.95

    Sale $299.95

    - Fantastic closeout value

    - Measures 62” Tall, 25 Pounds

    - Fully articulated on a mounted wheeled base


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  • Forensics Fingerprint Lab

    Forensics Fingerprint Lab

    - Includes everything needed for the aspiring criminal investigative agent - Learn how to make a fingerprint visible, lift a good print, and create a proper fingerprint file card Learn More
  • Little Labs: The Human Body

    Little Labs: The Human Body


    • 25 fun experiments

    • Learn all about the functions of the human body

    • Children will have fun playing scientist while learning

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  • Kids First Biology Lab

    Kids First Biology Lab

    - Excellent instructions to introduce a child to the mechanics of the microscope - Includes three prepared specimens on a slide, four blank slides, cover slips, tweezers, needle, section slicing tool, and vial - A total magnification power of 96x to 750x Learn More
  • Complete Dissecting Kit

    Complete Dissecting Kit

    Complete Dissecting Kit Learn More
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