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Playful Gifts

  1. Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener
  2. Aristotle's Number Puzzle

    Aristotle's Number Puzzle



    • Math and logic puzzle inspired by the great Greek philosopher Aristotle

    • Make every permutation of all fifteen rows add up to 38

    • Mathematical concept allows you to complete the puzzle by using every number from one to nineteen

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  3. Caffeine 3D Molecular Model Set
  4. Interactive Wall Chart of the Solar System

    Interactive Wall Chart of the Solar System


    - Laminated poster measures 32" h x 42" w

    - Free downloadable app enables you to virtually bring the poster to life

    - Interact with the planets, spacecraft and black holes!

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  5. Earth Marble
  6. Learn the Ropes

    Learn the Ropes

    - Learn to tie16 different stoppers, hitches, loops, bindings and bends. - Ropes included. Learn More
  7. ENI Puzzle

    ENI Puzzle


    - A sliding puzzle where you choose or create your own solution

    - Perfect for commuters or doctor's office visits

    - No batteries required

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  8. Money Maze

    Money Maze

    Fort Knox, the home edition. Learn More

Grid List

8 Item(s)