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Construction Kits

  1. The Chaos Tower

    The Chaos Tower

    • Fun Physics! Includes web based learning activities
    • Winner of Parent's Choice, Teacher's Choice, and Toy-of-the-Year Awards
    • Create your own Rube Goldberg style "machine"
    • Assemble a frame of your choice and adorn it with chutes, slides, funnels, name it
    • The new Chaos motor driven chain lifts a ball to the top of your construction and off it goes through whatever course(s) you have set up
    • The tower has a max height of 78" and a whopping 602 pieces! Everything you need (except batteries) is included
    • CWIST For It!
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  2. Dynamic Roller Coasters (6 in 1)

    Dynamic Roller Coasters (6 in 1)


    Observe and learn first hand the laws of:

    - Inertia of mass

    - Acceleration

    - Centrifugal force

    - Conservation of Energy

    - Linear Momentum and Motion



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  3. Erector Evolution Crane

    Erector Evolution Crane


    - 360 degree rotating crane with 720+ parts

    - Builds 2 distinct models (1 at a time)

    - For ages 9+

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  4. Erector Evolution Helicopter

    Erector Evolution Helicopter


    - Builds 2 models with 640+ parts (one at a time)

    - Includes 6V motor

    - For ages 10+

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  5. Quadrilla Xcellerator

    Quadrilla Xcellerator

    - Highest quality wood marble kits on the market today - Exceptional introduction to physics for young minds - Compatible with all other Quadrilla marble runs Learn More
  6. Quadrilla Cyclone

    Quadrilla Cyclone

    - 198 piece construction set for young learners - Exceptional introduction to physics - Highest quality marble run on the market today Learn More
  7. Greek and Roman Ballista

    Greek and Roman Ballista

    - High quality, naturally white hardwood. - Can be stained any color - Precision cut by computer - Authentic trigger and winch mechanism - True skein torsion power- not a wimpy spring - Actual range from 20 to 40 feet or more! Learn More
  8. K'Nex® Exploring Machines Set

    K'Nex® Exploring Machines Set

    K'NEX® Exploring Machines Set Learn More

Grid List

8 Item(s)