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Awesome Air Toys

  1. Dragonfire Night Rocket

    Dragonfire Night Rocket

    Regular Price: $22.95

    Sale $15.00

    • Interactive air-powered rocket lights up the sky

    • Recommended for outdoor use

    Learn More
  2. Air Strike Catapult

    Air Strike Catapult

    • Air Strike™ desktop catapult can launch the included foam balls as far as 40 feet
    • Simple to assemble, no tools required
    • Features super grip suction cups and a pivoting launch base
    • CWIST For It!
    Learn More
  3. Famous French Ornithopter

    Famous French Ornithopter

    Multi-colored Ornithopter Learn More
  4. X-Launcher


    Mini x-zylos magically soar through the air for distances up to 150 feet with this lightweight launcher. Learn More
  5. Stomp Rocket!

    Stomp Rocket!

    Stomp Rocket, Ultra Adustable Launcher Travels up to 200' w/4 Rockets Learn More
  6. Balsa Glider, Pkg. Of 10

    Balsa Glider, Pkg. Of 10

    Balsa Glider, 9", w/Edmund Logo, Pk/10 Learn More
  7. Mega Blimp Replacement Balloon

    Mega Blimp Replacement Balloon

    Regular Price: $17.95

    Sale $12.00

  8. Mega Ufo Replacement Balloons

Grid List

8 Item(s)