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USB Voice Recorder

USB Voice Recorder

Product Review (submitted on November 7, 2011):

One thing (aside from a good liver!) any Journalist NEEDS is a simple, compact, audio recorder. If nothing else, it keeps those pesky pubic---sorry, PUBLIC!-- personalities & politicians honest! (I. E.: They can't sanitize "facts" on-the-run if they know you're recording their allegations!)

[The "Golden Rules" for audio recordings: Never conceal using such a device from the subject(s); never entice a speaker to violate a law(s) so as to bust 'em; and never deny a conversation is being recorded, if in fact this is true.]

This gizmo has it all: Remarkably sensitive audio P/U for its size. A nondescript look. Nearly-idiot-proof design. Great download quality, no matter if to an Apple or IBM clone.

If it could keep you in rare steaks, non-greasy fries, good coffee, & dry Martinis, you might even be tempted to marry it!